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Zsofi Biro

Zsofi Biro


I am really proud and thankful for to the FCI Delegates selecting me as a foreign judge for
JOAWC 2021.

Know me

I am really proud and thankful for to the FCI Delegates selecting me as a foreign judge for JOAWC2021.

I started agility when I was 15, and there was no similar event those days. However, I had joined the Hungarian Junior Team as a teamleader, as a trainer and of course as a supporter throughout my agility years.
I have judged some JEO qualis and I am really excited to create courses for the main event, now. As a judge of EO2017, I certainly consider JOAWC2021 as a next, extremely important milestone in my judging career.

JOAWC will be the reunion of the big international agility family as such. I have been lucky to experience this when living abroad for my project management job in the past, and also when travelling around the different continents of the world for competing, seminars and judging. I speak 5 languages – and agility language, which unites us all. I’m very much looking forward to the special JOAWC event in Portugal.
I’m grateful that Nordic Countries and then many others from Europe and even the USA encouraged me in continuing my international agility journey after my son, Jozsef was born. I was actually designing courses for Danish Qualis even a few hours before he was born and he was 3 months old when we went to judge the Nordic Championships. This experience in Finland gave me wings and has showed me that I can continue with my passion whilst my son can have fun time around the trials. Yes, moms can be worried – and I much better understand now the vibes that are coming from outside the ring when kids run. It’s such a joy seeing the new generation just simply and perfectly enjoying agility time with the dogs and international friends.

I currently have 2 dogs. Parson Russell Terrier Scilla had amazing results on the world stage (ex. AWC Team Jumping gold, AWC&EO 6th places in individual, winner of Amadeus World Cup, Cruft’s Qualified etc.) however due to her age, she will not start a new competing season in spring2020. She is the one who introduces my son the world of walking a dog, playing tugging games and who knows what else, by the time we are in Portugal.

My Mudi, Kaija is a bit younger, and has ran the EO, won Agilityuken Finals or made it to Avallon Finals, but nowadays she really prefers trainings to competing, and I feel that I shall respect that. She has introduced me the world of “measured out dogs” and is coping perfectly with height, shows me every single day what the fully passionate mudi attitude is. Kaija is a true companion to Jozsef too, she can retrieve endlessly or even give him chances to practice, how not to wake up for sudden barking.

Portugal will be a perfect place to combine summer with agility – and what a unique situation to have so many major events together in one location!

I am looking forward to getting to know the organizing team and all helpers, too. Their input is a clue to the joyful days we will spend together.
May all our dreams come true in summer2021 in Abrantes!