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It is an honor for Clube Cinófilo do Alentejo to organize the JOAWC, EO and BBC 2021. We are grateful for the support of the Abrantes City Hall, the Fédération Cylologique International, the Portuguese Caniculture Club and the Border Collie Classic Committee.


Bringing these three major events together over three weeks in a row is a huge challenge, but it allows us, firstly, to guarantee the necessary and sufficient synergies to organize them and, secondly, to save large travels in Europe to those who participate in more than one of these competitions.

For over two years we have been working hard to ensure the creation of excellent conditions to run these three opens. We will create an authentic city for up to 400 caravans in a temporary camping site that will rise with all the conditions of comfort and safety required by the Law. We will build 4 competition rings in a fabulous stadium with excellent conditions including powerful night lighting.

A warm up ring, which will include an air-conditioned tent which will provide ideal kenneling/resting conditions for dogs in competition and canine pools available for their refreshment. We have a capable and committed team that we have been forming and training for a long time and who feel prepared to make this organization flow.

The local authorities and the population of the region are already prepared to welcome you in the best Portuguese manner; friendly and helpful. We are thrilled to be able to show you the indescribable beauty of our land, anxious to be able to give you a taste of the very rich and varied Portuguese cuisine watered by the best wines in the world and to invite you to listen to our Fado, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Count on us to receive you warmly you with open arms.

Prepare to be spoiled.

Come to Portugal.

Come to Abrantes.


The JOAWC 2021 organizing committee is pleased to officially announce that Handlers with a 2002 date of birth will be eligible to enter the JOAWC 2021 in an Under 19 (U19) age category, as a concession due to JOAWC 2020 cancellation, thus leaving them the opportunity to celebrate their goodbye to the JOAWC competition.


Those born in 2002 are allowed to participate with only one dog per handler (S, M or L) and these dogs will be in addition to the stated limit of 28 participants per country. A maximum of 2 dogs per height category will be eligible to enter the Under 19 (U19). Under 19 (U19) entrants will have full rights as a competitor in their respective category and eligible to be included in the Team event.


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