Roman Lukac

Roman Lukac

Roman Lukac


It is always a big honor for judges to build courses and judge the best agility teams in the world.

Know me

My name is Roman Lukáč and I’m 28 years old. I was born in Bratislava and I live there for my whole life. In 2014 I completed Master’s study at University of Law in Bratislava and nowadays I’m working as a lawyer in one Slovak law firm.

It is possible to say, that I was “born“ to agility, as my parents established this special sport in Slovakia, when I was a child. I have started my agility career when I was 7 years old with our family dog Tomi – breed Lhasa Apso. For my 10th birthday, I got the most beautiful present from my parents, my first Border Collie named Baileys. I represented with her Slovakia in 2004 for the first time at Agility World Championship in Italy. Following years, I have been competing at Agility World Championship and European Open many times, later on I also have been a teamleader and assistant. During my career of handler, I have been competing in all 3 height categories with our dogs or dogs of my friends. Nowadays I’m enjoying agility with my 3 years old Border Collie named Metaxa and each year I am also organizer of many agility competitions together with our club. I have been slovak delegate of FCI Agility Commission from 2015 with motivation to help improving worldwide agility.

I became agility judge at the beginning of the year 2012 and from this time I have been trying to improve myself in judging and also course designing. Until today I had possibility to judge excepting Slovakia in Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Excepting the basic condition of course designing, which are for me the accordance with the rules and the safety, I’m trying to design kind of challenge for handlers and their dogs. I’m always the most satisfied with courses, that let handlers to solve situations with different handling option and at the same time to enjoy speed and fluency with their dogs.

In 2016 I was judging Junior European Open as a home judge and from this time I was absolutely sure, that one day I would like to candidate for being a judge at European Open and Agility World Championship. The atmosphere at these international FCI events is just indescribable by words and in my eyes it is always a big honor for judges to build courses and judge the best agility teams in the world.

At the end I would like to kindly thank to Association of Slovak Agility Clubs and Slovak Kennel Club for getting this chance to candidate for judging European Open 2021.