Martin Shoffelmeer

Martin Shoffelmeer


As a judge, my goal is to design courses that are fast and making fun to watch.

Know me

My wife and I living at the border of the Netherlands and Germany. Our family consists of our two beautiful dogs my wife and I. Seeyou is our youngest Border Collie and she is 2 years old. The second Border Collie, Posh, is my wife’s dog and is 5 years old.
The fascination of how dogs enjoyed running at speed through a agility course let my do my first steps in agility after 3 years of obedience. My first agility class I have with my Belgium shepherd in 1993 at the KC Arnhem. I started seriously training and competing in Agility in 1995.
As an active agility competitor, I was able to compete 5 times at the FCI European open and enjoy to compete at every one of this Big contest. At this moment I am starting with my Border Collie Seeyou in the second grade and having fun to see her growing.
Since 1998, I have been actively teaching agility for beginners up to master levels in the Netherlands and Germany. Most important for me is to transfer the pleasure of running with your dog agility course.
The focus of my trainings and clinics is looking for the best concept for each individual team and give theme options to get a better team.
In 2006, I had the privilege of qualifying as a Dutch agility judge and received the international status in 2011. First as Judge and later as international judge was able to judging many competitions. At the moment I am judging between 20 and 30 days a year, with more than half of these agility tournaments taking place abroad.
As top highlights, for my, the Junior European Open 2018 in the Netherlands. It was very special to see our next generation agility handlers having so much of fun working with their dog.

As a judge, my goal is to design courses that are fast and making fun to watch. The courses should be a challenge for the competitors as well for the dogs. Courses should be fair and safe for the dogs and handlers. The courses must have the possibility to show athleticism, pleasure and speed. Teams should be able to handle the course in different ways and styles.

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