Rene Blank

Rene Blank

Rene Blank


I feel honoured to judge the BCC2021.

Know me

My name is René Blank. Coming from Germany I feel honoured to judge the BCC2021.
It is my first time at the BCC and despite of having judged a lot of bigger competitions (Avallon Cup, B.A.C.K., Magna Racino, Norwegian Open et al), tryouts in many countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia et al) and national championships (Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland et al) I’m truly excited to be part of this huge event.

I’ve practiced this sport for almost 25 years and became a judge in 2005.
As often as I have the chance, I run with my 6 years old Border Collie (actually A3).
In 2012 I got my international judging license.

Reviewing the last couple of years agility has changed tremendously. I try to pay tribute to this development with balanced courses regarding speed and technical approach.
I’d like to see a certain physical action of the handler which can be of course replaced by/combined with good distance skills. Various handling options make a course interesting and I always appreciate to see not only one line but the best one that fits for the respective team.

I always encourage the handlers to think about alternative styles and let them check specific spots. In my experience most of the dogs at this level are able to do every manoeuvre. The only thing a judge can do is trying to make a little stress to the handler.
I’d like to give the organization team a big hand for the preparation work. I’m convinced that this competition marathon ending with the BCC will be a huge success and I hope on exciting runs by these great teams! Looking forward to see you all!