Domingos Carneiro

Domingos Carneiro


I count the days until the start of such competitions!

Know me

I´m Domingos Carneiro from Portugal.
I stared my Agility as a “joke”, but after the world agility championship in Portugal (2001) I set myself the objective to represent Portugal in a world championship.
So I took the Agility training with my first dog Hero, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in a more serious way. We were several times vice national champion in the Medium Class, and we represented Portugal in three Agility World Championships.
After that I Trained my first Large Dog, Breja, a Border Collie, becoming national champion in the Large Class with which I qualified for two more world championships.
Lately I’m been competing with a Small Dog, Vaga, a Boston Terrier.
In our debut year we succeed to be Small Nacional Champions of Portugal and after that we had the honor to represent our country in a World Championship for two more years.
Since 2001 I achieved several objectives therefore, it seemed to me logical to apply for a Judge Career too. So I become a Nacional Agility judge in 2011 and ascend to International judge in 2013.
As an Agility judge my main concern is the safety and amusement of the dog and my main gold is to provide fast and fluid courses. I have an incredible pleasure in seeing the dogs running happily!

Finally, I thank the organization of this event for all the trust in me to take part in a so great world event performing a so important role.
I count the days until the start of such competitions!

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